GPBM's business model of acquiring performing restaurant assets with the goal of maintaining the cash flow of its businesses is not unique. What makes GPBM unique is that we take an ownership stake along side of our investors to assure our interests are properly aligned. What's more is that we focus exclusively in the restaurant space. This solitary focus has allowed us to cultivate resources, know how and a network of professionals to support our acquisition efforts and to maximize our post acquisition performance. GPBM does not invest in turnaround businesses. We seek to invest in restaurants with predictable cash flows. This said, GPBM has the experience and resources to improve its businesses and to maximize value in the following areas:

  • Revenue Improvement
  • Reduction of Inflated Overhead and Administrative Costs
  • Comprehensive Margin Rejuvenation
  • Maximization of Unit EBITDA by Reducing “Corporate Burden”
  • Strategic Planning
  • Both Sell-Side and Buy-Side M&A Process
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